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How We Grow on the Farm 
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Hebda Produce at the Farm 
How We Grow 
Hebda’s Family Produce utilizes sustainable practices and works consistently to maintain our products as chemically free as possible.  We are striving to become more efficient, improve our food supply and also improve the soil for our children and generations to come.  Our end goal is to provide nutrient full produce that helps achieve long lasting, great tasting products!
The Nutrient program at Hebda’s Produce includes the techniques needed to balance mineralization and achieve nutrient dense, high sugar food.  We can achieve this by using products from Soil Works to help keep our soil nutrient full while we measure our results in Brix.
Who is Soil Works?
Soil Works is a company whose function is to manufacture soil and plant nutrients that achieve nutrient dense, high sugar content food and does so in a sustainable long-term natural manner.  They have created products and a program that will truly get the soil to work for you.  They do this by constantly using their onsite research facility to make sure they have a hands-on approach and create nutrients that truly get the soil to work.     Learn more about Soil Works...
Measuring our Results
Brix is a measurement of the sugar level in plant extracts as created through photosynthesis.  This measurement has shown a direct correlation between Brix levels and plant health.
At Hebda’s we pride ourselves in producing high-level Brix produce.  Oftentimes our produce is 2 times the industry standard!  This high-level Brix measurement means that our nutrient dense foods have high levels of sugar, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.  High Brix produce also has a robust taste and is naturally insect and disease resistant.  That means that mold, mildew, plant diseases and insects cannot take hold of healthy plants!
What it means for the consumer is that a high Brix measurement can have a great impact on improving health and nutrition while at the same time helping the end products last twice as long as low-level Brix.
Visit Soil Works  for a complete list of specific items and their desired Brix levels.